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Federal Supply Schedule Industrial Group 899
Contract Period: August 8, 2003 to August 8, 2008,
With three five-year option periods (August 8, 2008 to August 8, 2023)
Asplundh Environmental Services, LLC
11639 Davis Creek Road East
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Phone: 904-260-2600
Fax: 904-886-4422

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• Contractor's Ordering Address for Domestic and Worldwide Orders:

Asplundh Environmental Services, LLC
11639 Davis Creek Road East
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Phone: 904-886-4300
Fax: 904-886-4422
Contract Administration:
Bill Stanton, Contracts Administrator
Asplundh Environmental Services, LLC
11639 Davis Creek Road East
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Phone: 904-886-4300
Fax: 904-886-4422
• Statistical Information for Government Ordering Office Completion of Std Form 279
Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS): 11-471-7361
Type of Contractor: Large
Contractors Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN): 23-2859038
Cage Code: 3DJ55

1. Table of Awarded Special Item Numbers (SIN)

SIN 899-99- Environmental Disaster Recovery Services

2. Maximum Order: $5,000,000. Asplundh Environmental Services, LLC will honor any order exceeding the maximum order in accordance with the requirements of FAR 8.404.

3. Minimum Order: $100

4. Geographic Coverage (Delivery Area): Domestic Only

5. Domestic Offices: Same as Company Address

6. Prices: Net Prices Shown Below (discounts already deducted).

7. Quantity Discounts: None

8. Prompt Payment Terms: 10, Net 30 days

9. Government Purchase Cards: Asplundh Environmental Services, LLC accepts Government Credit Cards on all orders regardless of size.

10. Foreign items: None

11. Time of Delivery (a-d): To be negotiated with ordering agency on each task order.

12. FOB Point(s): Destination

13. Ordering Address: Same as Company Address

14. Payment Address: Same as Company Address

15. Warranty Provisions: Contracts standard commercial warranty

16. Export Packaging Charges: Not Applicable

17. Terms and Conditions of Government Purchase Card Acceptance: Contact Contractor

18 - 25: Not Applicable

26. Data Universal Number System (DUNS) Number: 11-471-7361

27. Contractor is registered in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Database: Yes (3DJ55)


• The following is a list of services that Asplundh Environmental Services, LLC can provide under each Special Item Number (SIN):
SIN 899-99: Environmental Debris Management

The work and documentation to be performed will consist of furnishing all labor, materials, and equipment to accomplish the following types of tasks in the event of a scale disaster that results in an emergency declaration:

• Permitting, clearing, and/or removing disaster related debris from the public right-of-way, streets, roads, canals, lakes and ponds:

• Selection of most cost effective, permittable debris reduction method(s);

• As directed, demolition and removal of condemned structures, buildings and other debris that poses a threat to public health or safety that are related to and resulting from the disaster event;

• Tree trimming, tree topping, tree removal, stump grinding, grubbing, clearing, hauling and disposal;

• Removal of sand from roads, streets, rights-of-way; screening sand and returning clean sand to beaches or other designated sites;

• Recovery and destruction of dead fish, animals and livestock;

• Deployable Personnel Labors, Estimators, Engineering Technicians, Safety Technicians, Environmental, Administrative and Clerical Personnel, Accountants, Heavy Equipment Operators, Truck Drivers, Mechanics

• Large project oversight for contractor compliance with Project Worksheet Statements of Work and line item identifications from contract award to final inspection;

• Provide Project Management assistance to designated GOVERNMENT staff in conducting Damage Assessments, in estimating quantity of debris, and completion of damage survey reports;

• Provide Project Management assistance to the GOVERNMENT lead engineer and contract section in development of contracts for debris removal where AES is not the provider of this service;

• Provide Project Management assistance through the development of specifications, cost estimates, performance period for work, and selection of payment methods;

• Provide Project Management assistance through assisting in conducting Kick-off meetings to ensure understanding of program policies and requirements;

• Provide Project Management assistance by providing coordination as needed with the local government, state agencies, Federal agencies, contractors and landowners;

• Identify required/needed changes to the scope contained in individual Project

• Worksheets and assist the GOVERNMENT in negotiating changes with appropriate agencies;

• Project scheduling and status/progress reporting;

• Review all contractor documentation for consistency, compliance and completeness and require corrections as appropriate before submitting for payment;

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The Multiple Award Schedules Program Owner's Manual has information about all the features, terms, and conditions of the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program. The MAS Program is a widely accepted commercial acquisition vehicle offering you many benefits and millions of commercial services and products.

Manual provides a description of the ordering procedures under this contract including orders for services under $2,500, orders for services over $2,500 that do not require a Statement of Work, orders for services over $2,500 that require a Statement of Work, and Blanket Purchase Agreements, as well as other special features of the MAS Program.

The Owner's Manual can be downloaded from or call (917) 334-5214 (ask for Publication No. MASO-001), or fax your request to (817) 334-5561.

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